Christie Eves, Owner

About Mind Soul Sync

Hi, I’m Christie, from Mind Soul Sync, located in Dubbo N.S.W.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and energy healer.

I am passionate about the healing qualities of crystals and embracing their energy to amplify my healing sessions, also providing a selection of intuitively selected pieces available for purchase.

To me, healing isn’t going to a healer to “fix you” healers hold space for you to connect with your higher self and inspire the healer within and to facilitate transformation from the inside, out.

My personal healing journey started in my early 20’s where I experienced first-hand the incredible healing effects of reiki, crystals and hypnotherapy, going on to train with some incredible healers.

I am fuelled by my desire to facilitate and light the way for others who may be struggling, to experience peace, empowerment and balance and create the ultimate self.

A forever student, my hunger for more knowledge and skill are continuously being updated and fine-tuned, creating the ultimate space for change.

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Create the ultimate you, through hypnotherapy

Tap into your unconscious, releasing what needs to be released. Hypnotherapy in person or via Zoom.