Collection: Children's Crystals

Best Children's Crystals for Kids of All Ages


Amethyst crystals are one of the most popular crystals for children because they help with calming emotions and stress. It also helps them sleep better at night.


A beautiful crystal to support the emotions for children who are struggling. Moonstone is also good for hyperactive children, calming them and soothing there emotions. Children will intuitively know what to do with crystals.

Rose Quartz-

The perfect stone for all. Rose Quartz provides a gentle and loving energy, helping children overcome any hurt and sooth the emotions. Rose Quartz is a gentle crystal that children can wear for longer periods of time, such as a tumble or as crystal jewellery.


A gorgeous blue stone with calming energies, assisting children to think more clearly. This stone is great for students studying or helping with focus for homework and similar


A powerful healer, selenite opens the crown chakra, soothes the busy mind and clears and cleanses auras and spaces. A calming vibe, selenite promotes good rest and sleep.