Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Hypnosis-
Quit smoking hypnotherapy near me

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy at Mind Soul Sync

Package includes:
x1 Free consultation

x3 Hypnotherapy sessions

x1 Free salt therapy sessions ( to increase your lung capacity by 13%!)

Hypnotherapy sessions are available in person in Dubbo NSW, or online via ZOOM.

Do you remember trying to change a habit with your most strongest willpower in the entire world !?... just to discover maybe a week later, you have fallen off the band wagon, straight back to the same old pattern of behaviour?

Hypnosis works by getting to the root-cause—by digging deeper, to specifically rewire your subconscious mind and change your habits for good. Most of us aren’t aware of what drives our habits and behaviours because of subconscious blocks, so we self-sabotage. Therefore, we continue to run over and over the same patterns and get stuck in a rut.

We need to change our minds at the core. Unless we change it right down to the root, no matter what we do on a surface level, we will always revert to the same old familiar pattern of behaviour- Frustrating !!

Smoking in this day and age is a maladaptive behaviour, helping those that smoke survive and cope on one level or another.

It may be to deal with stress or anxiety, fit in socially, break from a stressful job, bond with a new partner whom smokes, soothe emotions, deal with crises and so on. This maladaptive way to survive in the world may often be rationalised and even defended in the face of opposition.

Hypnotherapy can help to identify the irrational and unconscious reasons and compulsions to smoke, as well as the blocks to being a non-smoker and stop smoking.