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Mind Soul Sync

Angel Aura DT Wand- 11cm

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Angel Aura

Joy | Peace | Clarity

Angelic quartz is quartz that has been treated with high heat, chemical vapor disposition (CVD) and a layer of platinum or silver. The result of this intensive process is an iridescent exterior with highly reflective areas of light and colour.

Angel Aura Meaning:

An extremely high vibrational crystal, that overflows with positivity and light

Angel Aura Chakra-

The heart, throat and crown chakra are all stimulated and strengthened by Angel Aura Quartz. Focussing on enhancing love for yourself and others.

Angel Aura healing properties:

  • Radiates healing and positivity
  • Assists in soothing emotional or spiritual distress
  • Lifts your vibration 
  • Helps think more clearly

Angel Aura in relationships and life:

When working with Angel Aura, you can expect to naturally speak more lovingly with the special people in your life.

Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect crystal to have in your romantic pursuits, enjoying a more loving, caring, and stable relationship.

If you’ve just recently gotten out of a relationship, you will find peace and healing instead of anger and bitter emotions.