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Mind Soul Sync

Aphrodite Calcite Heart- 10cm

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Aphrodite Calcite

Inner Peace | Passion | Soothing

CHAKRA: The heart chakra. Focussing on passion and love.

APHRODITE CALCITE SPIRITUAL MEANING: Goddess energy of love and beauty.

APHRODITE CALCITE HEALING- This beautiful stone can assist in clearing and resetting your heart space. The energy of love, self love and energetic barriers in relation to love.

Radiating enormous amounts of loving energy waves, these crystals can fill your aura with pure positivity, flowing into confidence and self esteem.

WHERE TO PLACE APHRODITE CALCITE IN THE HOME- To continue the emotional healing benefits of Aphrodite Calcite, place beside the bed or meditation space where your emotional energies are actively being balanced.

PAIR WITH: Rose Quartz or Green Calcite which will bring a powerful effect when working on opening your heart space and healing your emotional body.