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Aragonite Tumble

Aragonite Tumble

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Self Healing | Grounding | Motivation

ORIGIN: Mexico, Pakistan, Italy, the U.K., and the United States.


STAR SIGN: Capricorn

ARAGONITE SPIRITUAL MEANING: Being in alignment with your most authentic self.

Aragonite has a connection with the earths energy, giving you that recharge and stabilising energy in all areas of your body, mind and soul.

ARAGONITE HEALING- A crystal of stability, this stone is able to assist in grounding physical energies and is beneficial in times of stress.

Aragonite is useful in meditation and spiritual development, providing much needed insight into the causes of problems and situations.

Clearing the mind, providing patience and grounding your energies through your base.

WHERE TO PLACE ARAGONITE IN THE HOME- Aragonite is perfect to place in areas of your home where you relax and meditate. To bring your energies back to centre.

PAIR WITH- Other base chakra crystals, such as Black Tourmaline and Dalmation Jasper

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