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Mind Soul Sync

Arfvedsonite Tumble

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Arfvedsonite meaning-

Creating spiritual growth

Restructure | Manifestation | Future predictions

Arfvedsonite Manifestation- A very strong positive spiritual stone, excellent for manifesting a clear path ahead to reorganise and restructure your life.

Arfvedsonite Chakra-

Third eye and throat Chakras. Focusing on awakening the Divine Light, Arfvedsonite will also help you attract more and more light so that it fills up your being and soul.

Arfvedsonite & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Useful to assist with mental health issues
  • Mental clarity
  • Communication to speak your truth
  • Releases negative thoughts
  • Powerful manifestation tool

Arfvedsonite in your personal healing:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Helps deal with trauma and PTSD
  • Assists with trust and courage
  • Assists in focusing on your life and improving yourself
  • protects you from insomnia by eliminating nightmares and promoting restful sleep. 
  • Can assist with fertility

Arfvedsonite benefits:

  • Assists in decreasing negative thoughts and feelings to help lift depression
  • A protective stone during pregnancy
  • Helps dispel negativity and promote positivity 

Arfvedsonite in relationships and life:


Arfvedsonite supports your spiritual growth and helps you transform into your best self. Welcoming that inner light into your life again. The world around you is illuminated when you radiate positive, shining energy, thanks to the help of Arfvedsonite.

Arfvedsonite also provides psychic protection, being a crystal of the upper chakras, regular grounding is needed when working with this stone. Arfvedsonite awakens your natural psychic abilities, revealing spiritual knowledge and giving clear visions of the future.

Manifest the ultimate version of you into being.