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Mind Soul Sync

Black Obsidian Sphere

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Black Obsidian

Protection | Balance | Grounding

Black Obsidian Meaning:

A powerful crystal for protection.

How To Use Black Obsidian- Black Obsidian is mainly used for grounding and centering with meditation or carrying with you. Removing unwanted negative energy in your space or aura by sweeping it over your body or placing it near the front door.

Black Obsidian Chakra-

Solar Plexus and Base Chakra . Focusing on finding balance and stability. A strong, masculine and protective energy.

Black Obsidian & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Shields the aura
  • Creates a safe space when working through emotional issues
  • Shields against negativity
  • Grounding
  • Cleanser of psychic smog

Black Obsidian in the area of your personal health:

  • Black Obsidian reminds us of the balance of our inner duality and exploring our own shadow
  • Great for clearing the negative energy of the day away
  • Helps break negative attachments to people you are/were close with
  • Assists in releasing disharmony that has been built up
  • Helps combat digestive issues
  • Refreshes the body and mind

Black Obsidian in relationships and life:

Black Obsidian sweeps all negativity from relationships, which in turn helps to renew broken ties and establish new relationships.

 Some people's relationships suffer due to past life karma or misunderstandings, but this healing crystal clears the negativity and enforces that the relationship/s are healthy and built on trust.

Pair with hematite or smoky quartz to magnify those grounding energies.