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Mind Soul Sync

Bloodstone A Grade Tumble

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Detoxification | Good Health | Protection

ORIGIN: India, Brazil, Australia, Germany, the United States, Italy and South Africa.

CHAKRA: Base and heart 

STAR SIGN: Aries, Libra and Pisces 

BLOODSTONE CRYSTAL SPIRITUAL MEANING: Activating our inner strength, willpower and courage which may of been masked by fear. 

BLOODSTONE HEALING- Wearing or carrying Bloodstone represents an energy of protection against bullies and threats. Wearing or carrying Bloodstone also heightens intuition and increases creativity.

Bloodstone boosts your energy levels and is the perfect stimulator of the immune system, warding off colds, flu, infections and inflammation.

WHERE TO PLACE BLOODSTONE IN THE HOME- Place beside your bed at night in a bowl of water, to experience a deep and peaceful sleep.

PAIR WITH: Pair with Quartz to magnify the bloodstones power.