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Bloodstone A Grade Tumble

Bloodstone A Grade Tumble

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Bloodstone Tumble

Detoxification | Good Health | Protection

ORIGIN: India, Brazil, Australia, Germany, the United States, Italy and South Africa.

CHAKRA: Base and heart 

STAR SIGN: Aries, Libra and Pisces 

BLOODSTONE CRYSTAL SPIRITUAL MEANING: Activating our inner strength, willpower and courage which may of been masked by fear. 

BLOODSTONE HEALING- Wearing or carrying Bloodstone represents an energy of protection against bullies and threats. Wearing or carrying Bloodstone also heightens intuition and increases creativity.

WHERE TO PLACE BLOODSTONE IN THE HOME- Place beside your bed at night in a bowl of water, to experience a deep and peaceful sleep.

PAIR WITH: Pair with Quartz to magnify the bloodstones power.

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