Howlite Crystals
Blue Howlite Sphere
Blue Howlite Sphere

Blue Howlite Sphere

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Blue Howlite

Soothing | Calming | Emotional Expression

ORIGIN:  Canada, Germany, Mexico, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom and the USA

IS BLUE HOWLITE NATURAL? Blue Howlite is a dyed version of White Howlite

CHAKRA: The throat Chakra, encouraging emotional expression and diffuse anger and stress.

STAR SIGN: Virgo, Pisces

BLUE HOWLITE SPIRITUAL MEANING: Stillness, tenderness and an open mind.

BLUE HOWLITE HEALING- A calming stone, perfect for the overactive mind or issues with insomnia. A beautiful stone for meditation, assisting with patience and eliminating rage.

The calm in unstable or chaotic environments. Aids in communication, stilling the mind, promoting serenity and removing negative thought patterns. 
Howlite assists in healing anxiety and other stress related illnesses.

WHERE TO PLACE BLUE HOWLITE IN THE HOME- The bedroom. Calming the mind and assisting with sleep issues.

PAIR WITH: Best to pair with other crystals that calm the mind, Amethyst and Blue Lace Agate

Blue Howlite Sphere