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Pink Howlite Tumble

Pink Howlite Tumble

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Pink Howlite

Tranquility | Soothe Anger | Deep Restful Sleep 

Pink Howlite Spiritual Meaning- A beautiful crystal, calming adults and children. Reducing stress, overwhelm and anger.

Pink Howlite Crystal Chakra- Aligning with the heart chakra, Pink Howlite brings a sense of peace

Physical Healing Properties- Pink Howlite supports restful sleep, being a popular crystal in aiding the relief sleep issues. Pink Howlite has a calming effect, assisting with overwhelm and stress.

Emotional Healing Benefits- Soothes the overactive mind, helping to bring your energies back to calm and centre.

Is Pink Howlite Dyed? Pink Howlite is a dyed version of White Howlite

Howlite purple is also a beautiful option to pair with your Howlite Pink.

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