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Emerald Tumble

Emerald Tumble

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Abundance | Love & Relationships | Meditation

ORIGIN: Columbia, Brazil, Russia, Africa, Egypt, and Australia.

CHAKRA: The heart chakra, unlocking tranquil and calming vibrations.

STAR SIGN: Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio

EMERALD SPIRITUAL MEANING: Free-flowing energy into the heart centre. Love, compassion, sensuality and healing.

EMERALD HEALING- Emerald assists you in letting go of negativity, creating positive actions and outcomes. These beautiful emerald stones heighten the growth of love, prosperity and wealth.

Emerald increases self esteem, is a stone of manifestation and is a classic stone of love and romance.

PAIR WITH: Pair with other beautiful heart healers, such as Rose Quartz and Kunzite.
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