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Raw Hemimorphite

Raw Hemimorphite

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Hemimorphite Meaning-

Aligning the upper four chakras, focusing on healing the emotional body, bringing happiness, joy and uplifting energy.

Spiritual Growth | Detaching from self ego | Communication enhancement 

Hemimorphite Chakra-

The crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakra. Focusing on bringing positive energy such as joy and happiness

Hemimorphite meaning & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Cleansing the aura
  • An elevated mood
  • Sensation of the higher realms
  • Enhance psychic visions or empathetic abilities.

Hemimorphite in your personal healing:

  • Inspires us to generate our own happiness
  • Sparks a passion for new projects which are going to benefit us
  • Helps as a reminder for communicating with loved ones

Hemimorphite in the area of your personal health:

  • Alleviate hormonal headaches
  • Promote weight reduction
  • Helps lessen ulcer related pains

Hemimorphite in Relationships and your life:

Hemimorphite is a stone of light-hearted and jovial presence.

Hemimorphite reminds us that we are the creator of our own joy and happiness- our own reality, sparking our passion for new projects and renewing our enthusiasm to see them to completion.

Hemimorphite is a beautiful reminder to communicate with our friends and our loved ones, we are able to express our gratitude and joy towards the ones we love the most, an important factor in life.

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