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Honey Calcite Tumble

Honey Calcite Tumble

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Honey Calcite

Self Worth | Confidence | Activating The Third Eye

Honey Calcite Stone meaning- Honey Calcite is a beautiful spiritual crystal which in connected to the higher consciousness which in turn, heightens our psychic potential.

What Chakra is Honey Calcite? Stimulating the third eye, Solar Plexus and Base Chakra.

Honey Calcite Properties-

  • Encourages responsibility
  • Increased self worth
  • Increased confidence
  • Assists in the recovery from abuse

Placing Honey Calcite on your base or third eye chakra, envisioning golden rays of beautiful, radiant energy coming from your entire being is going to boost your vitality, ideas and plans.

Honey Calcite works beautifully with Tiger Eye, Bumblebee Jasper, Tiger Eye and Citrine.


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