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Kunzite Meaning-

Removing emotional blockages that prevent the heart from moving forward.

Divine Love | Emotional Healing | Powerful Peace

Kunzite Chakra-

The heart Chakra. Focussing on love and trust.

How to cleanse Kunzite- Intention, moonlight or sage are my favourite ways to cleanse Kunzite.

Kunzite meaning & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Uplifts your mood
  • Heal emotional issues
  • Relieves fear and panic
  • Heals heartache 

Kunzite and your personal healing:

  • Gives you peace and tranquillity during tumultuous times
  • Releases tension and anger
  • Reminds us that despite times of hardship, nothing cannot be overcome
  • Assists in helping in tough emotional circumstances

Kunzite in the area of your personal health:

  • Assists in heart and circulatory system issues
  • Helpful for those going through puberty
  • Helps with symptoms of PMS
  • Helps recover from stress
  • Reduces reproductive issues

Kunzite in the area of your relationships and life:

When there are high emotions, and hot heads, Kunzite is the go to.

When emotional shutdown mode is initiated. Kunzite.

Kunzite has a beautiful, gentle energy full of unconditional love and self-compassion, especially if deep, nurturing connections are difficult for you.