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The nurturing stone. A youthful and vibrant energy.

Grounding | Nurturing | Shielding

Mookaite Chakra-

The Heart, Solar Plexus and Base chakra. Bringing peace and wholeness

Mookaite Meaning and Metaphysical Properties:

  • Emotional growth
  • Grounding
  • Passion
  • Motivation

Mookaite in the area of your healing:

  • Calming and patience
  • Supports and sustains during stress
  • Helps with versatility and times of change

Mookaite in the area of your health:

  • Promotes physical healing
  • Anti aging benefits
  • Eases anxiety and depression

Mookaite in the area relationships and your life:

 Your heart and mind can be put at ease during difficult times by working with Mookaite.

 Absorbing your pain, fear and worry and releasing them from inside you.

 Releasing negative thoughts and feelings that leave you with the feelings of pain, disappointment or upset, sometimes you need some assistance in letting go and Mookaite is the perfect stone for this.