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Mind Soul Sync

Pegmatite 70mm

Pegmatite 70mm

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Earthy Crystal | Unconditional Love | Grounding

(Pink Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Smokey Quartz)

CHAKRA: Third eye chakra, Heart charka, base chakra.

PEGMATITE SPIRITUAL MEANING: Calms and soothes the emotional body, bringing forth self love, tranquillity and grounding you to the earths energy's.  

PEGMATITE HEALING- Pegmatite is the stone of transition, releasing stagnant and toxic energies from your life. Infused with Pink Tourmaline, Pegmatite is beautiful stone for also opening the heart and inviting unconditional love in your existence. 

WHERE TO PLACE PEGMATITE IN THE HOME- Place your Pegmatite in your meditation space, envisioning the energies of love and grounding.

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