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Pink Aragonite Pendant

Pink Aragonite Pendant

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Pink Aragonite

Self Worth | Earth Goddess Energy | Calming And Centring 

ORIGIN: Brazil

CHAKRA: Pink Aragonite stimulates the heart, sacral and base chakra.

Pink Aragonite enhances meditation, encouraging a deeply peaceful, serene state.

IS PINK ARAGONITE NATURAL? Pink Aragonite occurs naturally.


STAR SIGN: Capricorn

PINK ARAGONITE SPIRITUAL MEANING: Stimulates compassion and encourages acceptance of yourself and honouring your true beauty.

PINK ARAGONITE HEALING- The healing properties of Pink Aragonite encourages us to strengthen our self-worth and recognise our own true inner beauty. Pink Aragonite helps us to gently release our emotional wounds, such as anger and sadness.

WHERE TO PLACE PINK ARAGONITE IN THE HOME- To promote the energy of peace and serenity, place Pink Aragonite beside your bed, allowing the soft, beautiful energies to flow as you sleep.

PAIR WITH: Pair with Rhodochrosite to continue to release personal issues of the past.

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