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Pink Tourmaline Sphere- 19.5cm

Pink Tourmaline Sphere- 19.5cm

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Pink Tourmaline

Love | Emotional Healing | Happiness

PINK TOURMALINE MEANING- A stunning stone of love, compassion and self love. When suffering from heavy emotion pain, Pink Tourmaline is the stone for you.

PINK TOURMALINE CHAKRA- The heart Chakra. Focusing on calming the emotions in times of distress and bouts of anxiety.

ORIGIN- United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and Namibia.


MEDITATION WITH PINK TOURMALINE- Place Pink Tourmaline on the heart chakra during meditation, visualising beautiful pink light radiating from this gorgeous stone, filling your aura with love and emotional healing, infusing the entire emotional body with love, happiness and healing.

PINK TOURMALINE METAPHYSICAL HEALING- Pink Tourmaline induces feelings of love and joy, reliving stress, anxiety, depression and fear. 

Pink Tourmaline opens the heart, offering a gentle sense of comfort, nurturing the emotional body, useful when you need an abundance of unconditional love, which of course, starts with the self.

PAIR WITH: Pair with Rhodochrosite or Aphrodite, enhancing the healing effects of your heart.

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