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Mind Soul Sync



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Immerse yourself into radiant luxury with Australias #1 Wearable Crystal Face Mask. Combining ancient beauty rituals with the power of healing wearable crystal energy this incredible Rose Quartz crystal eye mask is the most loving thing you can buy for your face. Handmade to bring an extremely relaxing beauty tool into your life.  

The coolness and weight of this mask will depuff, help remove lymphatic fluid build up and toxins in the skin, instantly brighten the complexion, close pores due to the natural coolness of the crystals, aid in redness and inflammation reduction.  Wearable crystals have a very strong vibrational energy being in direct contact with the skin. 

-Rose quartz is packed full of minerals, including silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen
-It has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells -Heals and helps rejuvenate the skin
-Rose quartz is also good for the heart and circulation
-Rose Quartz brings oxygen into the skin which improves tone, texture and glow
-Helps de-puff the face
Rose quartz is the go-to crystal for all things pretty and loving. It creates an atmosphere of gentle nurturing.
-Opens and heals the heart chakra
-Clears the skin complexion
-Helps plump wrinkles
-Brings peace and calmness into your life
-Helps ward off negativity and replaces with positive energy
-Creates glowing skin
-Brings you feelings of joy
-Brings meaningful relationships into your life
-Gently purify your auric field and skin
-Help you become the best version of yourself 

Benefits of wearing Rose Quartz Eye Masks-

Improves blood circulation and helps release toxins
Eases stress and anxiety
Calms a fast beating heart when placed over the heart for calmness
Reduces dark circles and puffiness
Encourages cell metabolism
Helps relieve headaches & migraines by cooling in the fridge before use
Helping firm skin
Promotes lymphatic drainage
Soothes and relaxes face muscles
Helps calm the feelings of stress and anxiety
Improves skin elasticity
Relieves sinus pressure
Helps close pores
Ease mind in meditation
Helps eyes feel fresh and awake
Can be placed over a sheet mask
Very grounding for the nervous system


For an extra cooling effect place this mask in the fridge for 10 minutes before use to make it even more cooling and relaxing. You can also turn your eye mask upside down and place over the jaw area to soothe tension and stimulate blood flow to reduce the appearance of fine lines in this area.


-Use before bed to encourage a deep relaxing sleep
-Use to heighten your meditation
-Use while having a relaxing bath
-Use after a long day of work 
-Help treat eye strain and relieve sore eyes
-Use cold to wake up the face and eyes of a morning (fridge for 5 minutes)
-Use to eliminate headaches and migraines 
-Place over the throat to help ease anxiety and open the throat chakra
-Place over the heart to help heal and ease anxiety and stress
-Place over a sheet mask to help the serum absorb deeper
-Place over eye cream to help it absorb deeper
-Cool in the fridge to help menopause hot flashes 
-Cool in the fridge to reduce pore size before applying makeup

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