Tree Agate Tumble

Tree Agate Tumble

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Tree Agate 

Tree Agate Meaning-

Deepens meditation practice.

Gratitude | Resilience | Behavioural Changes

Tree Agate Chakra-

The heart Chakra. Strengthens relationships and promotes composure.

Tree Agate meaning & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Physical, mental, emotional strength
  • Sense of security

Tree Agate in the area of your personal healing:

  • Shuts out the chaos of the world
  • Dissolves arrogance and egoism
  • Improves mental clarity

Tree Agate in the area of your personal health:

  • Can strengthen cardiac muscles and the chest
  • Helps alleviate back pain
  • Help alleviate tension and stress
  • Relieve headaches 
  • Boosts immune system

Tree Agate in the area of your life and love:

Emotional pains and emotional problems can be assisted by Tree Agate stone.

If you are experiencing difficult times in relationships, the benefits of the healing energies of this stone are strong.

 Dissolving conflicts, disagreements and arguments, clearing antagonism, the hostility, and the animosity.