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Violet Amethyst Generator

Violet Amethyst Generator

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Amethyst Meaning:

The mindfulness stone.

Meditation | Yoga | Sleep

Amethyst Chakra-

Third Eye & Crown Chakra. Focusing on healing any "Blockages" so you can experience bliss.

Amethyst metaphysical healing properties:

  • Enhances intuition
  • Extremely protective
  • Calms the mind and spirit
  • Protects from nightmares and insomnia
  • Enhances meditation
  • Cleansing
Amethyst Healing Properties:
  • The natural tranquiliser
  • Relives stress and anxiety
  • Soothes irritability and balances mood swings
  • Helps dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety
  • Activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

Amethyst is the perfect beginner crystal to work with or even for the most experienced, when experiencing feelings of anxiety, sleep issues, mood swings and stress. 

What is Amethyst good for:

  • enhancing the immune system.
  • improving endocrine function.
  • improving the skin's appearance (especially if used in roller form )
  • promoting digestive health.
  • reducing headaches.
  • regulating hormones.

Amethyst in Relationships and your life:

Amethyst can be described as "the couples stone" and even more potent when paired with other crystals such as rose quartz or kunzite.

Amethyst assists in giving strength to relationships in the area of fidelity and having a much deeper connection with your soul mate.

When working with amethyst, the properties of the amethyst is able to bring back, bring forward or retain a loving relationship.

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