Black Moonstone Crystal Meaning

Black Moonstone is the perfect piece to have in your crystal collection if you need some calming vibrations in your life! If you’re looking for some deep spiritual healing or even looking for a stone that will be receptive of your intentions; you will find that in Black Moonstone. It is a crystal that is deeply connected to the moon and earth, and therefor will provide you with intuition and help to disperse negative energies that are either in your aura or that surround your aura. Black Moonstone is also a great tool for psychic protection! Beware of holding this crystal around the time of the full moon; it is known to greatly strengthen and enhance psychic abilities for those who practice spiritual acts. 

black moonstone meaning, taken at Mind Soul Sync, crystal shop in Australia

Black Moonstone Crystal Meaning + Metaphysical Abilities:

  • Helps to disperse negative energies.
  • Calms emotions as well as the mind, body and spirit.
  • Said to make dreams come true.
  • Deeply Connected with the moon and earth.
  • An extremely receptive stone for intention setting.
  • Encourages the keeper to feel a sense of confidence within them self.
Black Moonstone in Health:
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion and stomach pains.
  • Helps regenerate the female reproductive system.
  • Aids those with electronic sensitivity.

Black Moonstone for those with psychic abilities:

  • Provides psychic protection.
  • Enhances female psychic abilities enormously, at the time of the full moon.
  • Great for those in spiritual healing.

Moonstone Facts and History

  • Moonstone is created by two types of Feldspar: Orthoclase and Albite
  • The shimmer effect which is contained in Moonstone is created by the above minerals growing together in alternate layers; a phenomenon named Aldurascence happens when the light hits certain parts of the Orthoclase and Albite

The history of Moonstone can be found dated all the way back to Ancient Rome. The Romans believed Moonstone was formed from solidified beams of Moonlight. It is believed that the Roman Goddess of the moon (Diana) could be seen within the stone, and that it gave love, wisdom and an abundance of fortune for those who owned a piece. 

In India, Moonstone was known as a sacred stone, often gifted to newly-weds. It was also known to reconcile estranged lovers. A common belief in India and Europe is that if two people are wearing moonstone at the time of the full moon, they will fall into a passionate, everlasting love. Moonstone myths, stories and beliefs date back to the beginning of time. The history includes that India's Moon God (Chandra Shekara - "Person who wears the moon") had a piece of Moonstone which grew on his head. It was said to become dimmer or brighter depending on each stage of cycle the moon was in - thus giving the crystal the name Moonstone.

Moonstone has also widely been known as a "Traveller’s stone". Often worn as an amulet to help protect travellers at night, when the moon shines the brightest. Ancient Mariners also believed that it would protect them when traveling over water. It is said that every traveller should carry a piece with them at nighttime, no matter what mode of transport you are travelling in.