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How do I use my crystals?

Crystals are natural substances that contain energy. They can be used in many different ways to improve your life. Learn how to use crystals to enhance your well being.

Making crystals a part of your every day life will enhance your healing potential.

Ways to use include crystals in your routine include-

  • Programming your crystal with an intention
  • Wear your crystals as crystal jewellery
  • Store them in your purse, pocket or bra
  • Use them in meditation
  • Create a crystal manifestation grid
  • Sprinkle them throughout your workspace, home or sacred space

What crystals do I need?

When starting out with crystals, it can sometimes feel overwhelming with so many crystal healing options.

Some of the best healing crystals when you are a beginner in the healing world include clear quartz (healing amplification) , amethyst (calming the mind), rose quartz (love), black obsidian (protection) and citrine (happiness and abundance)


Crystals help us balance our chakras-

Crystals are often referred to as “living stones” because they are composed of minerals that are alive. These living minerals are able to absorb and emit light, heat, sound, and other forms of energy. This means that crystals can affect the body physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even psychologically.

Popular choices to balance each chakra include:

Crown- Clear Quartz

Third Eye- Amethyst

Throat- Lapiz Lazuli

Heart- Green Calcite

Solar Plexus- Citrine

Sacral- Strawberry Obsidian

Base- Black Tourmaline