Crystal Healing Grid Membership- $10

A powerful tool, harnessing and amplifying your individual intentions, creating powerful positive directed energy in to your manifestations. Crystals are well known to hold healing properties, boosting our frequency to that of things like love and abundance. Reach your goals, manifest your desires, heal your mind, body and spirit.
Crystal Healing Grid Membership $10 (cancel anytime, weekly subscription)
✨Personalised, tailored to your weekly focus area
✨Healing grid activated for 1 week
✨1 card pulled to infuse into the grid
✨Photo of healing grid and card

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    How it works-

    Email Christie each Sunday with a brief on what you would like to focus on and any other information that you may feel is necessary.

    Monday, your crystal healing grid will be created and reiki activated, connecting your energy to your grid.

    Photos will be provided of your grid and card which has been intuitively drawn for you, providing insight and clarity around the week ahead and drawing an extra amplified energetic intention into your healing grid.

    The following Monday, your Grid will be dismantled, cleansed and cleared, or you have the option to continue this energy or move onto a different manifestation.

    What is a healing grid and how can this help me ? 

    A healing grid is an arrangement of healing crystals, with the intention to manifest a desired result, utilising the properties of the stones which are used, which is then combined with the arrangement of sacred geometry, creating a unique energy combination. This energy enhances your intention.

    What are you trying to attract or manifest into your life? Is it abundance, is it love, is it removing negativity, is it a calm and peaceful mindset? By creating a healing crystal grid, designed and focused on your energy, this grid will enhance the effectiveness and power on your intention.

    What areas of life can I focus on? 

    The areas of focus are limitless. A free consultation can be provided if you would like to further investigate how a personalised crystal healing grid would benefit your manifestations.


    *The information provided in this article should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health providers regarding a medical condition.