Hypnotherapy Online

Facilitating hypnotherapy online with clients is just as beneficial as working in person! Why? Because when you are IN hypnosis all YOU need to do is HEAR me, and all I need to do is to be able to see your face to ensure you are IN hypnosis. Easy!

To ensure your hypnosis session goes smoothly online, a nice strong internet connection and a device such as a laptop or tablet is important. Do you have noise cancelling headphones? Even better, but not essential.

A nice, quiet place where you wont be disturbed (pets, housemates etc ) for your session is essential, it is time to focus on you and your incredible life changing transformation.

I typically use ZOOM for my online clients, but if there is a different platform which you are more familiar with, I'm happy to investigate

To book your online hypnotherapy OR reiki session, follow the link here.