Kinetic Shift



Kinetic Shift is a dynamic, rapid and intense form of Hypnotherapy.

Kinetic Shift was created by Karl Smith who wanted an alternative to traditional Hypnotherapy methods, he developed this 7 stage system for identifying and clearing emotions and feelings, often in just one session.

Kinetic Shift is an empowering release of the negative emotions that impact on our well- being, on our everyday lives and on our friends, our family and our future.

In Kinetic Shift we can work directly with the deeper mind, not with the cognitive part of the brain that will lie or cover up.

Kinetic Shift is ‘content free’ so there is no need to revisit the past or to try to find a reason for the problem. It is dealing with the emotions and how they affect you today, here, and now.

Kinetic Shift is effective for weight loss, smoking, anger, phobias and fears, anxiety and even PTSD.