Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking

Christie is a qualified and experienced hypnotist to quit smoking, located in Dubbo N.S.W, also working remotely all over Australia and other countries.

Have you been wanting to quit smoking for a while but despite everything, you just can’t quite kick the habit? Hypnosis is a safe and powerful technique to quit smoking for thousands of people.

Hypnosis can help you quit cigarettes by addressing the psychological aspects of your addiction and looking into your underlying motivations for smoking. 


What Is Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking?

Hypnotherapy for smoking is an alternative method to helping you give away harmful smoking habits that pose serious risks to your health. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure designed to set you on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s talk about it. 

Does Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking Work?

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking has an over 85% success rate, which is compared to other methods such as patches, gum and acupuncture which have between 3-30% success rates.

How Does Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking Work?

Many smokers may use nicotine replacement therapy products, like patches, gum, or inhalers, to manage the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with cigarette addiction, hypnotherapy works by breaking the addiction from within the mind.

Hypnosis targets the unconscious motivations for smoking. These may include the need to reduce boredom, stress, anxiety, loneliness, or the desire to be accepted by others.

Hypnosis also targets the unconscious smoking triggers, such as driving, pouring a drink, or finishing a meal, and help break these associations.

A free consultation is facilitated prior to any program, which ensures the program is tailored to you and your needs.

My program offers a 3 session hypnotherapy schedule, which runs between 1-1.5 hours and at home hypnosis recordings to strengthen our sessions.

Quit smoking hypnosis programs are powerful  and effective, reinforcing that you will be a non smoker for life, clearing cravings and habits.

Smoking is a maladaptive behaviour, helping those that smoke survive and overcome their compulsive smoking habit. 

Smoking may be a way clients deal with stress or anxiety, fit in socially, break from a stressful job, bond with a new partner whom smokes, soothe emotions, deal with crises and so on.

1. Hypnotherapy can help to identify the irrational and unconscious reasons and compulsions to smoke, as well as the blocks to being a non-smoker.

2. Hypnotherapy can then help to resolve those compulsions and blocks to allow you to be free to not smoke.

3. Hypnotherapy can also help you to identify and utilise your motivations for being a non-smoker and motivate or even stop you from an unconscious level.

4. Hypnotherapy can help to resolve cravings, so that you can be free to choose not to smoke.

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