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Clear Quartz DT Wand

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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz meaning:

Facilitating growth and awareness. The master healer. The energy amplifier.

Master healer | Deep compassion | Harmonising all chakras

Clear Quartz Wand Uses:

Clear Quartz healing crystal wand. Include this wand in your healing practice to assist in moving or amplifying healing energies for your clients/ self.

How to use a Clear Quartz Crystal Wand- Starting with the base chakra, the wand can be spiralled in a clockwise motion to activate and balance. Continue this until you feel the chakra is balanced, and then moving on until each of your 7 main chakras feel aligned.

Clear Quartz Chakra-

Crystal quartz wand harmonises all chakras, bringing them into balance and alignment. 

Clear Quartz metaphysical healing properties:

  • Powerfully protective
  • Clears away negative energy
  • Purifies and clarifies on the physical, mental and spiritual planes 
  • Confidence and personal power
  • The master healer, can be used for all conditions

Clear Quartz in the area of your personal health:

  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Reinstates bodily balance
  • Restores and amplifies energy systems
  • Cleanses and enhances the body's organs

Clear Quartz in relationships and life:

When a person's intention is to grow their awareness, clear quartz is attracted into their life.

Whether you consciously are aware of it or not, by selecting this stone, you have that want of looking for that beacon of light in your life, to help show and guide your way.
Past experiences are being untangled and released from your being.

Clear Quartz is all about positive energy, deep compassion, and learning to love yourself.

Pair with jaspers and Agates for a thorough cleanse.