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Anxiety Support Kit

Anxiety Support Kit

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Our Anxiety Support Kit is a collection of crystals to provide mental and emotional support during difficult times.

Each crystal is thoughtfully selected to help soothe anxious feelings and reduce stress. For best results, use with other forms of mental health care for conditions like anxiety and depression.

- Fuchsite- 

This Anxiety Support Kit features Fuchsite, a stone known to reduce mental stress and elicit a state of deep relaxation. Its loving and compassionate energy will help rejuvenate your emotional body, taking the weight off of your shoulders for a nourishing and calming experience. Fuchsite also provides mental clarity, helping you connect with your inner self and engage in meaningful meditation sessions.

- Ocean Jasper-

The Anxiety Support Kit is the perfect source of tranquility and stability. The kit is made with Ocean Jasper, which activates the three main chakras to help you align your will with your emotions, providing emotional stability and joy. This magical stone encourages one to release any emotional baggage, encouraging one to vocalize and move forward.

- Pink Calcite-

Our Anxiety Support Kit contains Mangano Calcite, a natural source of manganese with calming energy that radiates throughout your body. This stone is known to help the body relax and reduce stress. Nurture yourself and your emotional state with the power of natural healing.

- Amethyst-

The Anxiety Support Kit contains amethyst, an incredibly powerful and protective stone. It guards against psychic attack, and can help reduce stress, irritability, mood swings, and sadness. It also helps protect against electromagnetic stress, promoting feelings of calm and relaxation. 




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