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Raw Green Fuchsite Rough

Raw Green Fuchsite Rough

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Green Fuchsite

Releasing blockages of excess energy and aiding in a more speedy recovery in the area of trauma. Taking the "weight" off your shoulders.

New beginnings | Anxiety Relief | Physical Healing

Green Fuchsite Chakra-

The heart and the third eye Chakra. Encouraging one to relax into a deep meditation state to cleanse the emotional body.

 Green Fuchsite Meaning and Metaphysical Properties:

  • Shifts energy into positive channels
  • Rejuvenation and renewal
  • Restores joy and happiness
  • Healing and cleansing
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual balance

Green Fuchsite in the area of your healing:

  • Helps bounce back from physical and emotional challenges
  • Helpful in creating a shield from electromagnetic radiation.
  • Fills your life with peace and serenity
  • Assists in being more kind and forgiving

Green Fuchsite in the area of your health:

  • Assists in making you strong again in body, heart and mind
  • Assists in keeping yourself calm, when you may be about to break down
  • An awareness of self so things do not become overwhelming
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helpful with migraines, dizziness and motion sickness

Green Fuchsite in the area of relationships and your life:

The bringer of compassion in relationships. When relationships are getting weighed down by problems and negativity, Fuchsite is a beautiful stone that will help in dispelling that toxicity.

Relationships should be a source of inspiration. Worries, fears and stress can be transformed into joy and vitality.

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