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Mind Soul Sync

Raw Pink Aragonite

Raw Pink Aragonite

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Pink Aragonite

Calming. Reconnecting to our heart centre.

Self Worth | Self Confidence | Trust

Pink Aragonite Chakra-

The base, Sacral and Heart chakra. Focusing on placing trust in yourself. 

Pink Aragonite meaning & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Evolve spiritually
  • Reconnect to heart centre
  • Calming
  • Connection to the earth goddess
Pink Aragonite in the area of your personal healing:
  • Brings the gift of tolerance, patience and flexibility
  • Heal childhood trauma
  • Provides a steady flow of emotional strength and support while doing the emotional healing.

Pink Aragonite in the area of your personal health:

  • Helpful for anybody suffering body dysmorphia or does not feel comfortable in their own body
  • Assists in creating and maintaining good physical and mental habits
  • Assists with issues associated with the immune or digestive systems

Pink Aragonite in the area of your life and love:

Pink Aragonite is a stone which offers gentle support when we may be experiencing the feelings of anxiety, worrying about how other people see us, especially with our physical appearance.

Pink Aragonite helps us know our own self-worth and recognise our own, true, unique beauty.

Emotional wounds are released gently, especially from our childhood that may make us feel angry, sad or ashamed.

Pink aragonite provides us with emotional strength and support while we do the work to create true peace and love in our hearts.


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