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Selenite Slivers

Selenite Slivers

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Selenite Slivers

Peace | Cleansing | Manifestation

Selenite Chakra- Crown chakra and third eye chakra

Selenite meaning, benefits and & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Promotes peace and calm
  • Provides clarity
  • Clears blocked chakras
  • A beautiful and powerful space cleanser
  • Enhances your manifestations

 How to cleanse with selenite- 

  • Cleanse your aura- "Comb" your crystal throughout your aura, from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes, visualising the white healing light, and your stresses dissolving away. Continue as necessary until you feel the peace and tranquillity. Helpful when unwanted energy is absorbed throughout your day.


  • Cleanse your space- A selenite stick placed in each corner of your home/ space invites a peaceful and safe environment and vibration throughout, shielding from outside influences.
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