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Citrine Tumble

Citrine Tumble

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Citrine Spiritual Meaning-

Representing spiritual joy, the manifestation of abundance and the energy of the sun.

Manifestation | Abundance | Willpower

Citrine stone is one of the best crystals for manifesting money, manifesting love and manifesting a specific person.

Citrine Chakra-

The sacral and solar plexus chakra. Focusing of creativity and manifestation. Increase your money flow.

Citrine Metaphysical Healing Properties-

  • Promotes motivation
  • Encourages self expression
  • Releases negative traits 
  • Emotionally balancing
  • Confidence and personal power
Citrine Stone Benefits-
  • A versatile stone, always brimming with energy for the holder
  • Can boost physical energy
  • Increases inspiration, energy and drive
  • Can lift your spirits, and keep your mood and motivation high

Citrine in relationships and life:

Citrine crystal attracts and manifest what we desire in life, citrine is your go to. Manifesting love and situations where our heart and happiness bloom.

Citrine crystal is able to solidify new romantic interests, or new relationships, assisting you to have a fresh perspective, clarity and adding energy, optimism and a new meaning to your life and relationships.

Pair with clear quartz to really amplify the state you are wanting to attract.

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