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Energy Balance For Kids/Teens

Energy Balance For Kids/Teens

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Energy Balance For Kids/Teens is a Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to improve physical and mental health.

Muscle testing helps detect and treat any bodily imbalances caused by stress, nutrition, allergies, injuries or learning problems.

Energy Balance For Kids/Teens is an innovative approach to enhancing health and wellbeing in children and teens. Through acupressure and touch, the Touch For Health method helps balance the body’s energy and improve conditions such as back pain, headache, stomach ache, stress, and anxiety. It can also be used to address postural problems, fears and phobias, mental and emotional stress, and performance issues.

Achieve improved wellbeing and vitality with gentle manipulation,  stress release, visualization, and goal setting.

Energy Balance For Kids/Teens is a safe and non-invasive natural therapy that helps the body to resolve physical and emotional issues without side effects. Using muscle feedback, it helps to rebalance and boost energy levels in children and teenagers.



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