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Pink Opal Tumble

Pink Opal Tumble

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Pink Opal

Self Healing | Love & Relationships | Overwhelm Relief


CHAKRA: The heart chakra, unlocking tranquil and calming vibrations.


STAR SIGN: Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio

PINK OPAL SPIRITUAL MEANING: This stone connects and activates our heart chakra, bringing forth calming and serene vibrations. 

PINK OPAL HEALING- Work with this crystal when healing heart break. This stone will nurture anybody who is struggling with sadness and grief.

Pink Opal is also the crystal of "spiritual awakening", assisting is self healing on all levels. 

Pink Opal is able to assist us in moving through what is weighing us down so we can move on and move forward.

PAIR WITH: Pair with other beautiful heart healers, such as Green Calcite, Garnet and Rose Quartz.
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