Meet Christie

Christie's healing journey began at the age of 20, as she struggled with severe anxiety resulting from past traumas in a previous relationship. After unsuccessfully trying medication and counselling, Christie turned to alternative methods for managing anxiety. Through her search, she discovered Reiki, a form of natural healing, and decided to give it a try.

During Christie's first Reiki session, she felt nervous and anxious, but as her energy shifted and various sensations like heat, cold, and tingles occurred, she experienced a sense of relief and centeredness. Christie described feeling "good" again and noticed a clear mind and relaxed stomach. From that point on, whenever anxiety heightened, she would book a Reiki session to find relief.

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Christie then met a Reiki healer who also practiced hypnotherapy, which piqued their curiosity. She wanted to dive deeper into her healing journey and address the root cause of her issues. Through hypnotherapy, Christie was able to identify and clear triggers in her subconscious mind. This led to significant changes in Christie's life, such as no longer being easily triggered, maintaining stable employment, attracting positive relationships, and experiencing overall personal growth.

Both Reiki and hypnotherapy had a profound impact on Christie's life. She felt incredible and noticed a shift in her mindset and self-imposed limitations. Inspired by their own healing journey, Christie became attuned to Reiki and started her own Reiki healing business, also selling crystals. It was a dream come true for Christie, and she never anticipated that this would become her future both personally and professionally.

After deciding to transition away from her role as a family support worker, Christie took some time off to reflect on her next steps. During this period, she received an influx of clients and realised that facilitating Reiki brought her immense happiness. Christie decided to rent her own office, furthered her training in hypnotherapy and touch for health kinesiology, and connected with mentors and friends who supported her growth.

christie from mind soul sync, reiki crystal healer, hypnotherapist and crystal shop owner, dubbo nsw

Now, Christie has the opportunity every day to show people the transformative power of Reiki and hypnotherapy. Christie offers programs to help individuals quit smoking, achieve weight loss, manage anxiety, and address PTSD using hypnosis and crystal Reiki. She expresses gratitude for her fulfilling life and invites others to join her on their healing journey.

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