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Tumbled Stones

How Are Tumbled Stones Made?

These beautiful crystals are made by what’s known as a rock tumbler. The process takes about a week as the rocks rotate in the barrel until they are shiny and smooth. The crystals are tumbled with what is known as grit, and this is the substance that breaks down the rocks to make them smooth; kind of like sandpaper. The result looks like the beautiful stones you see on the page below. 


Creative Ways To Use Your Tumbled Crystals

Because they are small, tumbled stones are versatile. You can use them for everything from home decor to stunning jewellery. If you want to buy tumbled crystals but aren’t quite sure how to display them, here are some ideas:


Keep them on you. Tumbled stones are easy to keep on your person or in your bag. And because of their healing properties, they’re able to help you with your grounding. Perfect for a job interview or finding the strength to deal with a problematic coworker, keeping these stones on you is simple and beneficial.


Wear them. Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? Tumbled crystals are fantastic for jazzing up your outfit and because they are so light, wearing them is a breeze. You might decide to wear them in a plaited necklace or bracelet. Either way, they make a great accent to any wardrobe. I’m wearing mine right now!


Keep them on a plate/bowl. Tumbled crystals make for some fantastic home decor, especially when a bunch of them are placed together on a plate or in a bowl. This will also help you keep some of your most prized crystals in one place. You really can’t go wrong.


Fill a glass/vase. Crystals in a glass jar or vase look fantastic in your home or office. Not only is this a great way to keep your crystals clean and tidy, but it means they are easily transportable. Perfect for a gift, filling a vase with tumbled stones is a unique way to show your affection. 


Place them in your plant’s soil. Both plants and crystals come from the earth, so it makes sense to pair them together. Place one or more tumbled stones either in the bottom of your terrarium or on the top of your plant’s soil to make a stunning match made in heaven. 


Use them to decorate objects. Okay, but how cute? Imagine sticking a bunch of tumbled stones on a frame for your mum on her birthday. Or, maybe you’d prefer to decorate them on a canvas in the shape of a rose. Perhaps you’d like to make a paperweight or even a pot for your plants. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating objects with tumbled crystals. 

Crystals That Belong In Every Household

I would never expect anyone to invest in every crystal that exists; that would be silly. But I do have some recommendations for those must-have stones that should be a staple in every household. The best part is these stones are easily accessible and pretty affordable too! (just check out my selection, and you’ll see what I mean). The crystals that will help to keep a flow of love and light in your home and help to promote peace and divinity are:


If You’re In Australia And Looking For Tumbled Crystals For Sale, Mind Soul Sync Has Everything You Need

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