Weight Loss- 10 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss- 10 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

I want you to close your eyes and imagine, just imagine your ultimate self. How do you feel, what do you look like, how is your mindset, what different actions and choices are you making now?
Imagine stepping into that person. Feels good, right? Imagine that hypnosis helps you lose that unwanted, excess weight... because it does.
The first question I get asked as a hypnotherapist is, does it work? Yes. That's the answer. Yes. I can not put it any simpler if I tried, maybe I could throw in an interpretive dance? Hah.
To lose weight and maintain the loss without strict, soul crushing diets is often the question, the answer is that hypnotherapy changes the way you see and think about food and exercise and yourself!
Below, I have written down 10 ways ( I have compiled the 100 ways you can create the ultimate change down to 10, it was hard, so please read ! )
  1.  Control ! Hypnotherapy helps YOUR subconscious mind regain control over your unwanted eating habits you have created. Flip the switch on being controlled by food
  2. Self esteem! When you FEEL positive within yourself, you are far LESS likely to reach for that 5 minute buzz of chocolate, chips, alcohol etc. NICE!
  3. Triggers! Hypnosis can create triggers so that you actually stop, think and listen before making the choice to eat, especially if you are not hungry or have eaten enough
  4. Motivation! The increase in motivation enables you to stay on track. When you have that explosion of motivation, you are able to stick to YOUR plan.
  5. Underlying issues. Your not eating to excess or gaining weight because you already feel good. Hypnosis works through your underlying issues, releasing old trauma that may of led you down this path.
  6. Exercise- With your improved self esteem and food control, your increase in these areas will help you feel good about exercising to reach your goal
  7. Long term- Unlike "diet" plans, hypnotherapy is a long term thing, there is no expiration date on the powerful positive suggestions which your unconscious mind has accepted as the new you!
  8. Control binge and mindless eating- Powerful suggestions via hypnosis assist you in easily accepting and implementing the new changes
  9. Focus and goals- The visualisation and experience in hypnosis helps you experience your goals mentally, super charging your will power and dedication, wanting to find that feeling again in your now.
  10. Wellbeing, self-esteem and determination and super charged in each session, plus in your take home sessions, enhancing your program and results!

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