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What Crystals Do I Need?

It CAN be overwhelming, can't it. The crystal store with hundreds, thousands of crystals for you to buy, to help you, to support you with hundreds of different meanings and ways to use them...
But the answer really is simple. How does that piece make you FEEL?

There is no wrong answer when it comes to crystals. Crystals encourage you to tap into your own intuition. Your own knowing. Your own healing potential.
You KNOW when you pick that piece. When your eyes are drawn to it, when your energy starts to buzz, to pulse.
Some of the basic starter crystals for beginners include, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Citrine to name a few, you would recognise some of these names, right!? Not such a beginner are you ?
How To Choose Your Crystal? Tune in. Your searching for healing. From what, who, why? Go deeper.
Allow your energy, your intuition to guide you. Which crystal do you keep coming back to? Hold it in your left hand...allow the crystal to connect. How does it make you feel? What emotions come up for you? 
This is the crystal your energy is calling for.
Why Use Healing Crystals? In many ancient cultures, which include Egypt, Greece, China all believed that crystals held healing properties, having the ability to heal the mind, body and soul.
Some helping positive energy flow within the body, some supporting your emotions and some protecting and absorbing negative energy.
How Can Healing Crystals Help You? To break it down, below I have listed some healing areas that our most popular crystals can help heal.


Healing crystals for health

  • Clear quartz: THE master healer and believed to support the entire energetic system AND enhance other crystal properties
  • Jasper: A nurturing stone said to provide support during times of stress
  • Obsidian: Believed to help process emotions and experiences and aid in letting go
  • Amethyst: Used for healing, purifying, and enhancing willpower
  • Bloodstone: Said to improve circulation and calm throughout the body

Healing crystals for wealth

  • Tiger’s eye: Said to provide motivation and lessen fear
  • Citrine: Believed to spark enthusiasm, creativity, and concentration
  • Turquoise: Thought to soothe emotions and attract good luck
  • Sapphire: Known as a stone of prosperity and wealth
  • Jade: Another well-known stone for prosperity and luck

Healing crystals for love

  • Rose quartz: Sometimes referred to as the stone of love and believed to encourage love and trust
  • Moonstone: Said to prompt feelings of inner strength and growth
  • Green Calcite: Soothe the heart and the barriers built to protect
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