What Is Reiki ? How Does Reiki Work?

What Is Reiki ? How Does Reiki Work?

Hi, I’m Christie from Mind Soul Sync, I’m located in Dubbo, Australia, but I also work virtually/distance with people all over Australia, and potentially the world (maybe one day ! )

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner, I also own a crystal shop, I'm a self confessed crystal addict.

My official healing journey began at the age of 20. Suffering from severe anxiety from past traumas in a relationship in my teens.

I had tried some medication and counselling previously, neither suited my needs and I began my search for "something else".

Googling alternative ways to manage anxiety, I typed in words such as " natural healing" "healing Dubbo" and "alternative healing". I found something called "Reiki".

I didn't fully understand what it was, but I was willing to try anything to help the cold stomach churning feeling I had to endure every day that was impacting so many areas of my life.

I remember my first session...entering stomach churning, nervous, shaking, heart racing...laying on the Reiki table, literally feeling the energy shifting, the heat, cold, tingles, quick flashes of random visions running through my mind, sitting up and being so shocked and amazed about how GOOD I felt.

My mind felt clear, my stomach felt relaxed, every part of me was just so at ease, THE feeling I had missed for so long. Leaving my first ever Reiki healing session... I felt like I was floating on the clouds, there was no other way to describe it.

From then, whenever I felt anxiety heightening, I would book a reiki session and my body would just sigh in relief, the feeling that only natural healing provided for me.

I then went on and met another Reiki healer ( now my Reiki master ) who was also a hypnotherapist. I was curious about hypnosis and how it would help me further, really diving into my healing and doing the work. This was MY life and my programs I was running that were created to protect me, but were not serving me any more, it was TIME for me to change me.

Hypnotherapy helped me find the root cause of the issue and clear the triggers in my subconscious mind...my life changed, I was able to move forward without being triggered by the smallest of things.

I no longer walked out of jobs, I attracted beautiful friends, I was not triggered in my everyday life my life flowed and blossomed.

From there, hypnotherapy changed my life just as much as reiki. Natural healing had a major impact in my everyday life. I felt incredible, life changed for me, my mindset changed, my limitations I put on myself were gone.

I went on to be attuned to Reiki, wanting to provide this for my children and friends, never realising that this was my future, business wise and personally.

I began my little Reiki healing business in my spare room at home, and began selling crystals as well, my two favourite things in the world of healing !

Sometimes Reiki feels unexplainable, it can feel so hard to put into words the incredible life changing effects it can have, but here goes!

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is a beautiful, gentle but very potent and empowering Japanese healing modality.

Reiki is a vibrational medicine, which encourages the body to heal, balancing the chakra system, including the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Reiki helps the body to shift from sympathetic mode (fight and flight) to parasympathetic mode (rest and digest)

Reiki is perfect for anybody experiencing trauma, anxiety, stress and pain, people who are seeking relaxation, calm, clarity and balance.

Firstly, we are all our own healers. “healer heal thyself” We all possess the natural ability to heal, but to “do” Reiki there are a few steps you can take. Find an amazing Reiki Master to attune you to Reiki. Somebody who is authentic and walks their talk, someone you are comfortable with. I was incredibly lucky to become a student of my healer, now my Reiki Master and dear friend.

Experiencing a reiki attunement can be a powerful spiritual experience, your reiki master opens your energetic pathways, allowing the reiki energy to flow freely through your body. This opening of energetic pathways can enhance other energetic healing and channelling pathways, also increasing intuitive awareness and psychic sensitivity. I remember feeling tingles from head to toe, colours flowing into my mind and an absolute sense of peace.

Learning and understanding the chakra system is important when performing Reiki, as each chakra is connected to emotions, mental and physical health which plays a major role whilst providing Reiki healing and guiding clients through whatever is coming into their awareness.

Reiki is the channelling of “universal energy” or “qi” from source energy, through my body and through my palms, flowing through to my client with hands on and hands off healing. Clearing, balancing and filling each chakra with light energy, correcting any emotional, mental and physical imbalances that I pick up on when scanning the body with my palms or anything the client may disclose to me prior to our session.

Imbalances can be felt in the palms with sensations such as heat, cold, tingles, static type energy or intuitively such as words or images flashing into my awareness during the session. Each practitioner receives information differently, and each Reiki sessions brings different experiences, I LOVE that.

Working with crystals in my Reiki sessions amplifies the healing that is occurring. Intuition plays a vital part when using crystals, “feeling” where they would be more beneficial to place on the body whilst connecting my client to the crystal energy medicine, an experience that even the most sceptical of clients in my experience, have felt the unexplainable shifts and sensations during their session.

Clients present themselves in a variety of ways. Some clients are happy to explain everything and are very open about why they have come, others can be more reserved but tend to open up more and more, especially with the small card pull prior which focuses on what the problem is and what they need to focus on to move past it. And then there are clients that would rather just relax and experience Reiki. All of the above are perfect, it is not my session and not my healing, they present themselves where they are at in life and it isn’t for me to judge.

Each person is different. Some clients come once and absolutely love their experience and shifts and come every once in a while when they feel they need it, there are others who may have more acute symptoms of what they are experiencing that really make a commitment to where they are at in life and will book in for multiple sessions, with each session experiencing layer after layer of healing, physically, mentally and emotionally.

There can be tears, emotional fluctuations, physical sensations, heat, cold, colours. It’s beautiful to witness what can only be described like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

As a healer, reiki, crystals and hypnotherapy it is absolutely vital that I look after myself each and every day. I commit myself to meditation, grounding, connecting with mentors and always clearing myself after each session with a variety of tools, such as intention and Aura Soma.

I don’t take on anybody’s pain, whether its physical, mental or emotional. Boundaries and energetic protection are so very important, a healer absorbing each clients struggle is not good for anybody, especially her clients. Holding space is a beautiful thing.

Facilitating Reiki is actually quite refreshing. I was involved in a drought relief day in a small town once and performed Reiki for 6 hours straight and felt absolutely wonderful afterwards.

Reiki is and always will be my first love in the healing world, it changed my life, opened my eyes and soothed my past, I’m incredibly lucky to be able to provide this gift of healing to whoever is in need.

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