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Raise Your Vibration Anywhere You Go With Mind Soul Sync’s Crystal Jewellery

Looking to buy crystal jewellery in Australia? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. At Mind Soul Sync, I stock a huge range of beautiful crystal jewellery perfect for anybody and any occasion. So whether you’re looking for crystal pendants, rings or bracelets, you’re sure to find what you’re after. Have a look below for answers to some frequently asked questions, or browse my selection to find the perfect piece of jewellery for you or your loved one.

Choosing The Perfect Crystal Jewellery For Your Loved One

There are so many reasons to buy crystal jewellery for your loved one (other than it’s pretty, obviously). But it’s possible you’re unsure of which piece to buy, and I have so much for sale that isn’t surprising. The first thing you should consider is will they wear it? Answering this question will help you narrow down your search. If you don’t think they will wear a ring, for example, you can shelf that idea. The same goes for all other pieces. If you can’t picture them on your loved one, refrain from making that purchase. But other than determining whether they’ll wear their new jewellery piece, however, you might want to consider a few other things:

  • What is the gift for? This extends beyond holidays and occasions. If you’re buying jewellery in the form of a crystal bracelet or necklace, it’s likely you’re doing so for divine reasons (if you aren’t, that’s totally okay too). But say your partner is super stressed with work and could benefit from a calming crystal, or maybe your sister is about to move interstate, and you want to give her something that signifies safe travels or prosperity. As I’ve already touched on, certain crystals help with certain things, so understanding the gift’s purpose will help you choose the perfect piece of jewellery for your loved one
  • What is their zodiac sign? I stock a variety of zodiac jewellery that make stunning yet simple gifts guaranteed to please your loved one, such as my zodiac necklaces below. But did you know that each zodiac thrives around certain crystals? Aries, for example, really benefits from Adventurine, Amethyst and Aquamarine, whereas Taurans should surround themselves with KunziteHematite or Rose Quartz.

  • Personality traits. Are they introverted or extroverted? Do they practise meditation, light work? Are they creative, assertive, intelligent or passionate? You wouldn’t want to gift a confident person sodalite because they’re already assertive. Just in the same way, an extrovert might not necessarily benefit from carnelian. 

  • But the most important takeaway should be to trust your gut. Usually, crystals know who they’re meant for, so follow your instincts and let your intuition lead the way. And if you need any assistance, I’m here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out when you need help deciding. 

    Fast Facts About Crystal Jewellery

    Okay, but did you know:

    • Crystal jewellery has been worn for centuries, with ancient civilisations making amulets and pendants and wearing them for protection. It wasn’t uncommon for ancient soldiers to carry this jewellery into battle for strength and enlightenment. 
    • As no two crystals are the same, each piece of crystal jewellery is unique. Yes, even the rings! 
    • When worn, each piece of crystal jewellery encourages the wearer’s natural healing processes.
    • Crystal jewellery is most effective when worn directly on the skin. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About My Crystal Jewellery

    It’s possible during your shop you’ll have some questions. I’ve done my best to answer some of the most common ones below:

    The item I want is out of stock. Will you be supplying more in the future?

    Each piece of jewellery is one of a kind. However, I am regularly updating my stock, so keep an eye out for any new items I may add to my collection. 

    What if you don’t have what I’m looking for? Are there alternatives?

    I am always happy to help my customers with whatever they need. Get in touch with me, and we can work together to find a solution. 

    How do I look after my jewellery after purchase? 

    Because crystals are a natural formation, I recommend avoiding harsh chemicals and cleaners. Your crystal jewellery requires a simple polish with a damp cloth at most. Also, be wary of the crystals they are made from. Some fade in the sun, others don’t fare well in water. For optimal preservation, avoid wearing your crystal jewellery in the shower.  

    Is it alright to wear my jewellery every day? 

    Please do! I recommend taking it off every now and then for a wash and recharge, but pieces that are worn every day assist with long-term benefits. 

    Can I give my crystal jewellery to someone else?

    Absolutely. Please note, though, any regifted crystal jewellery should be cleansed and reprogrammed before the new owner wears it.  

    I’ve changed my mind. Can I return my jewellery?

    No. All purchases made from Mind Soul Sync are final.

    If You’re In Australia And Looking To Buy Quality Crystal Jewellery Online, Mind Soul Is Here For You

    Mind Soul Sync was founded by me, Christie. I’m a qualified hypnotherapist and energy healer who is dedicated to helping light the way for others to progress in their self-development. I understand life can be tough, and we often have to deal with struggles we might not necessarily know how to cope with. Mind Soul Sync can help with that, empowering you to access and create personal transformation within. So whether you’re looking to balance your chakras, connect with your subconscious to promote wellness or simply want to buy crystals jewellery in Australia, Mind Soul Sync is here to help. Contact me and get a jump on your spiritual journey today!

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