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Crystal Water Bottle Benefits

Crystal Water Bottle

Water Purification At Its Finest 

What’s that? You haven’t heard of a crystal water bottle? Well, lucky for you because I happen to have some in stock, and I’m more than happy to tell you all about them! Not only are crystal water bottles pretty and unique, but they also have a lot of benefits you might be missing out on otherwise. Let’s talk about why you should make a crystal water bottle from Mind Soul Sync your next investment.

Why You Should Invest In A Crystal Water Bottle 

Crystal water bottles help you create your own elixir (or crystal-infused water for those who are a bit confused). Owning and using a water bottle with a crystal in it allows the stone’s vibrations to spread into the water and pass its healing agents onto the drinker. Not only is this a simple way to make a crystal elixir, but it is safer and more convenient. In fact, I’m using mine right now, and water has never tasted so good! One of the best parts, though, is these water bottles are available using various crystals, so you can choose yours based on your individual needs. And these water bottles aren’t just great for you either. Pour some crystal elixir over your plants to promote healthy growth, or share some with your family and fill a pitcher of crystal water in the fridge. What are you waiting for? Add one of these beauties to your cart today!

Just Bought A Crystal Water Bottle? Here’s How To Take Care Of It

As I mentioned in a previous article, crystals don’t necessarily require any special care. On the other hand, you will have to clean the glass bottle regularly. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Here’s how to care for your crystal water bottle: 

  1. Empty the bottle’s contents and unscrew the crystal base from the bottom. Place it to the side.
  2. Remove the silicone rings from inside the lid. Using a warm, soapy cloth HANDWASH the glass bottle, lid and inserts. Rinse with clean water and leave to drip dry. 
  3. Pick up the base and gentle wash around the crystal. Rinse with warm, clean water. 

In addition, keep your water bottle in its sleeve for extra protection. Do not freeze or microwave. 

Frequently Asked Questions About My Crystal Water Bottles

Have questions? I have answers. 

What are crystal water bottles made from?

My crystal water bottles are made primarily of glass. 

Can I pick my own crystals?

No. These water bottles come fully assembled with their own crystals.

Can I put other liquids in it? 

I would refrain from putting any liquid other than water in your crystal water bottle. 

Are they recyclable?

Yes! And because they are made from glass, if for whatever reason they are not disposed of correctly, they will not release dangerous toxins into the environment. 

How do I care for it?

See above. 

How can I charge my bottle’s crystal?

It’s best to recharge your crystal when it is out of the bottle. Remove the bottle’s base and place it on a window sill during a full moon. Alternatively, you might want to place it under direct sunlight or cleanse it using a smudge stick. 

If You’re In Australia And Looking To Buy A Crystal-Infused Water Bottle, Mind Soul Sync Has What You Need

Mind Soul Sync was founded by me, Christie. I’m a qualified hypnotherapist and energy healer who is dedicated to helping light the way for others to progress in their self-development. I understand life can be tough, and we often have to deal with struggles we might not necessarily know how to cope with. Mind Soul Sync can help with that, empowering you to access and create personal transformation within. So whether you’re looking to balance your chakras, connect with your subconscious to promote wellness or simply want to buy a water bottle with a crystal in it, Mind Soul Sync is here to help. Contact me and get a jump on your spiritual journey today!

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