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Blue Howlite Pendulum

Blue Howlite Pendulum

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Introducing our Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum – an elegant divination tool and holistic companion that seamlessly combines style with transformative healing energy. Crafted from genuine Blue Howlite, this pendulum is not just a beautiful accessory but a versatile instrument that facilitates well-being across emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and love and relationship dimensions.

Key Healing Benefits:

  1. Emotional Healing: The Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum is a gentle guide for emotional well-being. Its serene energy aids in releasing stress, promoting emotional equilibrium, and instilling a sense of tranquility.

  2. Physical Comfort: Experience the soothing effects of Blue Howlite on the physical body. This crystal pendulum is believed to alleviate physical discomfort and tension, contributing to relaxation and overall physical well-being.

  3. Mental Clarity: The pendulum acts as a focal point for mental clarity. Its calming influence is thought to enhance mental focus, stimulate clear thinking, and foster a calm mindset during divination or decision-making processes.

  4. Spiritual Connection: Elevate your spiritual practice with the Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum. Known for enhancing spiritual awareness, it serves as a conduit to higher realms, fostering spiritual growth and insight during divination sessions.

  5. Love and Relationship Healing: Utilize the pendulum for love and relationship healing. Its calming energy encourages open communication, understanding, and empathy, creating an environment conducive to deeper connections and enhanced relationships.

How to Use:

  1. Divination: Hold the Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum by its chain and allow it to swing freely. Pose yes or no questions and observe the direction of its movement for insightful answers, making it an excellent tool for divination and decision-making.

  2. Meditation: During meditation, hold the pendulum in your hand or place it on your Third Eye or Heart Chakra to enhance spiritual insights and promote emotional well-being.

  3. Wearable Healing: Use the Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum as a pendant when not in use, keeping its calming and loving vibrations close to your heart and aura throughout the day.

  4. Home Decor: Display the pendulum in your living space when not in use, combining its aesthetic beauty with its tranquil energy to create a harmonious environment.

  5. Chakra Alignment: Use the pendulum to balance and align the Throat and Heart Chakras, promoting emotional balance, clear communication, and love in relationships.

Embrace the beauty and functionality of the Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum, a versatile tool that harmonizes elegance with holistic healing. Let its calming energy guide you on a journey of emotional balance, spiritual growth, and love and relationship harmony



This blue howlite pendulum is a powerful healing tool. It contains healing properties known to reduce stress and intense emotions. Blue howlite can also help enhance memory and wisdom.


This Blue Howlite Pendulum is a powerful crystal for spiritual seekers. The calming blue howlite is known to promote emotional balance, encourage physical healing and aid in spiritual communication. Make the most of its health benefits with this beautiful pendulum.

Relationships + Love

The Blue Howlite Pendulum is a special tool for connecting with relationships and love. Crafted from a beautiful blue howlite crystal, it helps with meditation and giving insight into current relationships. Perfect for enhancing guidance and intuition during times of need.

Healing Information

This blue howlite pendulum is a powerful healing tool. It contains healing properties known to reduce stress and intense emotions. Blue howlite can also help enhance memory and wisdom.

How to Care for your Crystal

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