Shungite- Cell phone

Shungite- Cell phone

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Placing Shungite close to you electronic devices, such as sticking to your mobile phone significantly weakens the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body.

Balancing the Yin and Yang

Masculine And Feminine Balance | Intense Energy | EMF Protection

Shungite Chakra-

The Base chakra. Physical and spiritual evolution.

Shungite meaning & metaphysical healing properties:

  • Grounding
  • Protective
  • Clears and balances your aura
  • Aligns your chakras

Shungite in the area of your personal healing:

  • Accelerated resolution to issues
  • Boosts overall energy
  • Essential for your spiritual journey

Shungite in the area of your personal health:

  • Reduces EMF exposure
  • Relieve Emotional Distress
  • Soothes insomnia
  • Relieves stress and anxiety